the deficit is quite/ absolutely/ very/ extremely huge

  • GenJen54

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    I don't know there is a single answer to this, as a great deal depends upon what, exactly, you wish to express.

    Huge is already a superlative. In saying "huge," we are already describing something as "extremely" big. I'm not sure if adding another modifier adds much.

    Also of note, "quite" can have different meanings in BE and AE.

    I'll clarify what I think the use of each modifier would express:

    quite huge: fairly huge, somewhat huge, significant

    absolutely huge: it's undisputed. Everyone agrees that [it] is huge.

    very huge: it's just that, very huge. A degree "larger" than "huge."

    extremely huge:larger than very huge.

    Again, because "huge" describes a degree of "largeness," I don't know having something else modify that makes much sense. Just my .02.

    James Stephens

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    Huge in formal useage is an absolute; a thing is either huge or it's not. It is often quantified in informal speech. I suggest using huge alone or large and any of the intensifiers suggested previously, if formal useage is required.