The diabetes benefits of weight-loss surgery

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    The diabetes benefits of weight-loss surgery were known, but the Australian study in the Journal of the American Medical Association is the first of its kind to compare diabetes in patients randomly assigned to surgery or standard care.

    (This comes from Weight-Loss Surgery Often Cures Diabetes, Study Shows, By CARLA K. JOHNSON, The Associated Press, January 23, 2008)

    I can understand "the diabetes benefits of weight-loss surgery", but I don't know the meaning of the bold part. I think "diabetes" should be deleted. Thanks in advance!
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    It's not elegantly expressed, but "the diabetes benefits of weight-loss surgery" refers to the "benefits of weight-loss surgery with regard to diabetes" -- and not to anything else. You wouldn't want to drop "diabetes," although rephrasing would be an option if you were the author.
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    No it should remain. The meaning would suffer without it. Its presence tells you that the weight-loss surgery is being considered with specific regard to how it may benefit patients with diabetes.
    Without it, it could be referring to any benefit (or all benefits) of weight-loss surgery. (Cross-posted who has a similar opinion)

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