The difference between attitude and mantality

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Could you let me know the difference between attitude and mantality? For example, which word should be filled in the sentence below?

He always has such a good ____ that no difficulties could bother him with ease.
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    Hi Tievoli,
    My feeling is that mentality (note the spelling!) is a more or less permanent part of one's character, while attitude is transient and can be changed at will. In your sentence, attitude sounds much better because you use the word always, which suggests that it needn't always be so good.


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    This use of mentality isn't as common; I think "mindset" is used more often nowadays. I don't think I would characterize any of the words as short-term or long-term.

    "Mood" might be used, especially to describe a short-term state of mind depending on the context.

    (But then again, what to I know? I still use "nowadays.")
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