the difference between internship and work placement

Discussion in 'English Only' started by the ironist, Nov 28, 2009.

  1. the ironist

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    I just want to make sure I got it right.
    In my opinion, a work placement is part of a university degree while people usually do internships outside of university term time.

    However, I think that most people now use the word "internship" to refer to a work placement.
    Isn't the word "internship" American? I think many British people now use it though
  2. owlman5

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    Though I can't advise you on English as it's spoken in the UK, I can tell you that "internship" is widely used in the US. It often refers to work that some student does for a company to gain experience and make contacts within a profession. Though "internship" is what I generally hear when people refer to this experience, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that some call it "work placement".
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    England, English
    It seems to me that "internship" is rarely used in the UK. University students do "work/industrial placements", people with short term jobs are either contractors or people with summer jobs..
  4. the ironist

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    Thanks guys!

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