the dispensation of the Gospels and the Kingdom of God

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Source: The VVitch - A New-England Folktale (2015), movie.
The movie is set around the year 1630 in New England. In the opening scene, a Puritan Christian family is charged with “prideful conceit” before the town council.

The father of the family: What went we out into this wilderness to find? We travailed a vast ocean... for what? Was it not for the pure and faithful dispensation of the Gospels and the Kingdom of God? I cannot be judged by false Christians, for I have done nothing save preach Christ through gospel.

Could you please help me with the parts in bold?
the Gospels = the four books of the Bible containing details of the life of Jesus = the whole Bible?
I'm not sure why in the next sentence he says just 'gospel', and not 'the Gospels'. Perhaps, he means to imply "the teachings of Jesus"?
I have no idea what the dispensation of the Kingdom of God could mean.

Thank you.
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    The Gospels are the core sections of the New Testament, which is the second half (give or take) of the Bible. You're correct that there are four, and they narrate the life of Jesus.

    Saying "the Gospels" refers more specifically to the writings themselves, whereas "gospel" is more referring to the teachings they express. So yes, you've pretty much got that right as well.

    The "dispensation" bit seems to mean that the purpose of their journey was to act in furtherance of God's will, and spreading the Kingdom of God upon the earth.
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