The door cannot open

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Italian (Italy)
Hello to everybody,
Do you think that this multiple-choice question has sense (doesn't it miss "be" (the door cannot be opened)? if according to you this sentence is correct, which one do you think is the best answer? (could it be "open it"?)

This door cannot open. We will have to _____ .
a. have opened it
b. be opening it
c. open it
d. have it open
e. have it opened

Thanks in advance.
  • suzi br

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    English / England
    Honestly. I struggle to imagine any native speaker saying that first bit. We'd say the door is jammed/locked/sealed etc etc.

    So yes, your concern is correct.

    Anyway, however it starts, option e is the logical next step.


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    English - Northeast US
    In my dialect of AE:

    1. It is common to say "The door won't (will not) open". This usually means "I can't open it, and no-one else can open it".

    2. This "will not" sentence can also mean "the door is not functioning correctly". For that meaning, the sentence "The door cannot open." is also used. It is like "The plane cannot take off." and "The car cannot go up hills."

    In that situation, we need to get a repair expert to work on the door with tools. Answer (e) is the only one that has that meaning.
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