the dread was deleted from his approaching doom

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Anya Smitty

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“ In his hurry to be doing two or three estimable things at once he had omitted to study the notice-board in more than a perfunctory fashion and had thereby missed a football practice specially ordained for newly-joined boys. His fellow juniors of a term’s longer standing had graphically enlightened him as to the inevitable consequences of his lapse; the dread which attaches to the unknown was, at any rate, deleted from his approaching doom, though at the moment he felt scarcely grateful for the knowledge placed at his disposal with such lavish solicitude.”

What does it mean?

Source: The Unbearable Bassington by Saki
  • Elwintee

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    England English
    Although his doom (future punishment) would be very unpleasant at least he was spared the fear of the unknown. He now knew the worst, and the 'unknown' aspect had been deleted.
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