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Anna Joy

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Hi everyone!

While reading an article form "The Spectator" recently, I noticed one thing: they used the Earth and Earth (without the definite article) in the same 2-page text. I don't understand why the author spoke about the Earth then further in the test he omitted the article, then used again the first variant with the article. I attach the examples from the text:

“For the first time ever, mankind left its home turf and discovered somewhere new. It was qualitatively the greatest journey in human history. Not — and this is the point — that it was mankind rejecting that home turf; leaving the Earth made us value it all the more.”

“There are shots of an early spacewalk undertaken by Ed White, of the surface of Mars captured by the unmanned Marine probe, even of far-flung Jupiter taken by Voyager 2. But the most powerful images are those of Earth.”

“The Apollo 8 astronauts were the first people ever to leave Earth’s orbit and travel to the moon — yet what moved them more than anything was gazing back over those quarter of a million miles and seeing their home planet hanging in space.”

“Ed White is connected by a 25-foot cord to his Gemini spacecraft, but instead of empty black space as his backdrop — which would be pointless, you might as well have photographed him in front of a curtain — the frame is half-filled with the Earth.”

“Shepard, as far as we know, was the only man to cry on the moon, so moving did he find the experience of looking back at Earth.”

And one more question: if the author writes the Earth from a capital letter, why the moon is written from a small one?
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    Hello Anna Joy.

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    I believe that the thread linked to by sumelic will answer your question. If it doesn't, you are welcome to add a question there.

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