the eleven of us

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Mr Bones

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España - Español
Hello, friends.

I have to book a table in a restaurant for a group and I have a list with the names of those who have initially signed up (eleven people). I'm going to send a message so as to confirm who's eventually going to come and I've written the following:

In principle I'm going to book for the eleven of us.

Is this clause, for the eleven of us, correct in this context?

Thank you
Mr Bones (and please, correct any possible mistake I made).
  • Eltheza

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    English - England (Midlands)
    Hi Mr. Bones!

    It's not at all incorrect, but it might be more usual in this context to say, "... for a party of eleven (people)," or just, "... for eleven people."


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    I disagree, Eltheza. If Mr Bones were writing to the restaurant or to some other third party, I would agree with you, but I understand from the first post that this is his reply to people he will be dining with. Thus, it is "the eleven of us".
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