The End (konec filma???)

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  1. Could you please tell me the correct spelling and/or phrase that should appear at the end of a movie?

    Many, many years ago I happened to see some Czech films and I have a partial recollection. I do know the "c" should have a wiggle on top and I will add it in my Word file (from the Symbols group).
    Is it "film" ?
    Is it "filma"?
    Please correct me. I am writing a piece on Egyptian television (which is where I saw Czech films, among others) and I would like to finish including "The end" in Czech.
    Many thanks!
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    It's just konec - no "wiggles" - as shown in this (rather grainy) picture from the web page.

    "The end of the film" is "konec filmu", but you don't need the word "filmu". All you see on the screen is "konec", just as in France you just see "Fin", not "Fin du film", and in English just "The End".
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  3. Perfect -- thank you! :)

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