The Entertainer (1957) was similar in its brash virtuosity..

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John Osborne’s Look Back in Anger was produced at the Royal Court Theatre in 1956. Angrily, violently, and in an unadorned and sometimes brutally colloquial dialogue, it thrust on the audience the revelation of psychological and social problems left unresolved, or even exacerbated, by the welfare state. The Entertainer (1957) was similar in its brash virtuosity; Osborne’s third play, Luther (1960), shows him moving out of a preoccupation with a restricted part of the contemporary social scene to wider concerns and a freer use of imagination.

Source: The Norton Anthology of English Literature, The Twentieth Century (1890 to the Present)

Hello teachers,
I know the meanings word by word but I have some problem understanding the blue line.
1. The Entertainer (1957) was similar …. = similar to what?
2. Osborne’s third play = refers to The Entertainer (1957) or , Luther (1960)?
3. What is the subject of the verb (shows)? Is it Luther (1960) or The Entertainer (1957)?

Many thanks in advance.
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    1. Similar to Look Back in Anger, presumably.
    2. It refers to Luther.
    3. Osborne.


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    1.The Entertainer was similar to Look Back in Anger "in its brash virtuosity."

    2. Osborne's third play was Luther.

    3. The subject is Osborne's third play.

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