The entertainment slanted toward


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Hi all, please explain to me the meaning of the bold one in this context. It's from Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Delphic was a slum beach.The sole restaurant came in the form of a whitewashed hamburger stand with your choice of ketchup or mustard. On a good day, fries were offered in the mix. The entertainment slanted toward loud arcades and bumper cars, and after dark, the parking lot was known to sell more drugs than a pharmacy.

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    Fitzpatrick is telling us that the arcade featured amusements like arcades and bumper cars. Saying that one thing "slants toward" another means that one thing emphasizes or favors another thing: Their show slanted toward slapstick comedy. = Their show featured slapstick comedy. Or: Their show was more like slapstick comedy than it was like anything else.


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    "The entertainment slanted toward loud arcades and bumper cars . . ."
    The entertainment tended toward loud arcades and bumper cars . . .

    The idea is tipping on one direction, of leaning in one direction.



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    Drawing on Owlman's and Salvage's replies, I'd understand 'slanted toward' as implying there existed other entertainments as well which weren't as popular or outstanding as the arcades and bumper cars.
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