The episode did not go down well with the boy’s family

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The principal of a school in Badami Bagh was murdered by parents allegedly for scolding their child on Monday. Rizwan Tanveer, who lived in the school building as well, had admonished his student named Bilal for not taking his studies seriously and misbehaving in the class.

The episode did not go down well with the boy’s family. On Monday, the parents stormed into the school and started thrashing the principal and his wife with clubs. The victims were severely injured and shifted to a nearby hospital, where the man succumbed to injuries.
What is the meaning of the bold part?

Thanks a lot.
  • Packard

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    I believe it is a metaphor for swallowing food. "It did not go down well" = "They did not find it easy to swallow" = it upset their system and perhaps their gag-reflex.

    It means that they objected to the episode.
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