the essence comes back


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Hi all,

I don't understand the meaning of "the essence comes back" in the following sentence. Could you put it in other words ?

And so if you have a professional service firm with low levels of capital requirements, high generation of cash, low risk, then the essence comes back to what is our long term earnings growth, and what can investors anticipate going forward.

Thanks !
  • dukaine

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    Sometimes people make up stuff to sound smart. I don't particularly agree with the use of "essence" here, just simply because it seems intended to sound fluffy or dramatic. "Essence" implies something inherent or "core", if you will; it implies what's real or what something or someone is really about when everything else is stripped away. In this case, the "essence" is the latter half of the sentence, the questions you should be asking even if the first part were not the case. I would replace "the essence comes back to" with "the fundamental questions are" or "you must return to the fundamentals of", something like that.