the essence of the brash politician fueled by relentless work

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The quotation comes from Anthony Weiner Gets 21 Months in Prison for Sexting With Teenager

Quotation: He lost his seat in Congress, his audacious bid to resurrect his career as mayor of New York City, and his high-profile marriage. And he undermined Hillary Clinton’s shot at the presidency in the closing days of the tumultuous 2016 campaign.

On Monday, Anthony D. Weiner, sobbing as the judge spoke, learned the final, personal cost of his seemingly uncontrollable habit of exchanging lewd texts and pictures with women and girls: 21 months in prison.

Mr. Weiner, a Democrat, was the essence of the brash politician fueled by relentless work and unbridled swagger. Until now, he was the beneficiary of multiple second chances, amid earnest vows that he had learned his lesson.
Hi everyone! I have a question about the bold sentence. I know each word but is confused with the sentence. I think Mr. Weiner is just "the brash politician", so why he is "the essence"? To me he is the whole. :confused:

I guess it basically means "Mr. Weiner was a brash, workaholic, boastful politician"
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    I see what you mean…

    essence (epitome)
    PLUS the brash politician (also meaning the archetype of that kind of person)

    But the way the sentence is written is good, it's written as it should be.
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