The European peripheral countries

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    Hi, everyone

    The European peripheral countries
    are all suffering from the combined realisation by the market that the promised reforms are slow in coming and unlikely to deliver substantially higher growth in the near term – and that fiscal retrenchment is painful and partially self-defeating in terms of growth,” said Luis Garicano, professor of economics and strategy at the London School of Economics.

    I try doing Google search the phrase "
    The European peripheral countries", but I cannot find out which countries are called peripheral.

    Would you please help me?

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    It doesn't specifically imply it, it means the countries on the edge of "Europe".
    It's impossible to put a map in front of a few natives and have exactly the same answer as to what exactly we would all define peripheral... or if there would be exactly the same amount of countries. Obviously this would include the newbies like Romania and Bulgaria, as the ones on the periphery are (usually) the newer countries to join, as the union spreads, and this new way and hope of financial and economic security that the EU (supposedly) offers, is not going to give the exact results hoped for.

    The idea is understood, but it's nothing perfectly exact.
    A safe bet would be to include all the countries in the last two ascension stages, which are Romania and Bulgaria, who joined in 2007, and earlier... I'm going to have to check this one out because I'm not too sure:
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  3. JamesM

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    The beginning of the article includes this list of countries. I assume they mean these are the peripheral countries.
  4. elianecanspeak

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    "Peripheral European countries" (73,000 hits on Google) sounds much clearer to me than "European peripheral countries" (10,700 hits).
  5. Alxmrphi Senior Member

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    Yeah that also occurred to me, too.
    The adjectives are not in their normal (at least for me) order.
  6. elianecanspeak

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    by Lake Michigan
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    To me "peripheral European countries" means grammatically that they are part of Europe, but either geographically on the periphery or that they are not major players -- not in the EU or whatever.

    I think of "European peripheral countries" grammatically as countries that are European, and are peripheral to SOMETHING (not necessarily something European): e.g.:

    In world systems theory, "the periphery countries (sometimes referred to as just the periphery) are those that are less developed than the semi-periphery and core countries" per Wikipedia (

    -->There is a map on this site indicating which counties fall ino the periphery, semi-periphery, and core categories.
  7. Pedro y La Torre Senior Member

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    Ireland is definitely peripheral, I'd have a hard time describing Spain as such though.
  8. JamesM

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    I think elianecanspeak's link makes more sense. It shows Eastern European countries as the peripheral European countries.

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