The event was ended


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The event was ended very successful with all of the employees including officers actively participating.

Q: Is there any difference in using 'ended' instead of 'was ended' in the sentence above?
  • lingobingo

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    They mean different things, obviously.

    The event ended successfully.​
    (Intransitive use of the verb end.)​
    The event was ended successfully.​
    (Transitive use of end, in a passive construction which, as is normal, doesn’t specify the agent of the action, i.e. the subject of the verb.)​


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    I dont think "ended" is the right word here.

    You could say

    The program was ended in 2018 due to lack of funds. (actively ended or cancelled by someone, passive voice)

    The course ended in December. (natural end date or finish or conclusion of the course, active voice ).