The exercise can be worth of 1-5 points


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I am not sure if I can express the following concept in proper English:

A course is made of exercises, and students usually receive one point for each excercise they do. However, there are some more difficult exercises. For instance, if you do a specific exercise you can receive from 1 to 5 points, according to how well you do it. Can I say:

The exercise can be worth of 1-5 points?

Thank you!
  • Alby84

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    I'd simply say:

    This exercise may be worth 1-5 points. Of doesn't fit here, but you could replace it with from because "-" would be read as to.

    If you truly want to be specific, you could always add to the sentence.

    This exercise may be worth 1-5 points depending on the quality/completeness of your answer. The second part could be phrased in a multitude of different ways, however.
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