the family of three’s or the family-of-three's

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Helen White

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Hi all,
I learned the following two sentences from Google: Monosnap
Mallory joined the family of three's celebration, and she even dragged herself to a farmhouse outside of Seguin.
Getty Images Prince Harry shared his excitement ahead of the family-of-three's tour of South Africa via Instagram.
It is difficult for me to tell which is correct or whether both of them are correct.
I use it to make a sentence as follow:
I will tell you about the family of three's story.
I will tell you about the family-of-three's story.
Which is correct or idiomatic? Or any other ways to convey the same meaning? Could you, a native speaker, help me? Thank you.
  • PaulQ

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    As a noun phrase, and a form of a set phrase, it does not require hyphens.
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    The possessive 's is attached to the end of a phrase, not always to the main noun, and doesn't require any changes. It doesn't need the phrase to be turned into a single word by hyphens:

    the man next door's dog
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