the faster, safer way / the fastest, safest way

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  1. Afuerade New Member

    Hello everyone,

    Recently I saw this kind of slogan

    "PayPal is the faster, safer way to pay and get paid"

    Can somebody explain why they say that instead..?

    "PayPal is the fastest, safest way to pay and get paid"

    Thank you ;-)

  2. James2000 Senior Member

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    I believe it's just advertisers trying to avoid lawyers, without changing their words too much.

    If you say 'faster, safer' you can argue that you are comparing it to only one other product, and so your claim is justified.
    If you say 'fastest, safest', you're likely to get complaints and lawsuits from some other company saying that your claim is unjustified, and that their product is a bit faster.

    But the implication is that it's faster and safer than whatever you're using at the moment.
  3. gongorac

    gongorac Senior Member

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    Fastest may imply general, overall, which may not be applicable for both operations; pay and get paid, at the same time.

    It can be the fastest way to pay but not to get paid, so they may be use faster which is indeed aplicable to both operations.
  4. Afuerade New Member

    Thank you guys, really helpful

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