the film is less a freak-out about the nature of existence ... and more about a struggle for love

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  1. 画线部分的翻译有两个版本,请问您认为哪个更准确?或者另有其它版本的翻译?

    the film is less a freak-out about the nature of existence (the world of ash that Dick wrote about) and more about a struggle for love, a more familiar (at the movies), if essential, fight.

    1 但是电影的中心内容并不是关于生存本质方面上的迷失狂躁(作家Dick写道世界是一缕烟尘)
    2 但是电影的中心内容并不是让人感到狂躁不安地认为某个自然现象的存在(作家Dick写道世界是一缕烟尘)
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    Anyone can illustrate the meaning of “freak-out" here?
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    好像freak out這詞本來用為動詞,但這次是個名詞。 To freak out很像to flip out, 還有have an episode/fit, 還有 to lose it. 不一定反映生氣,也有可能是因迷惘,失望,困惑,困擾,或絕望而引起的。 人家freak out的時後,經常會出現到某個程度的理性及自我控制的失去。可能不分青紅皂白地罵人亦傷害自己或他人,或變成瘋子。 當然,也能用來誇張的說法,表示人家的反應太過度: "I just spilled a cup of milk; there's nothing to freak out about." 這裡有所像另外一句話: There's nothing to have a cow about/There's no need to get your panties in a wad.

    用來名詞,freak out可以解釋是一場freaking out: a freak-out session, an episode/instance of freaking out.

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