the first outrider of that mute and inexplicable rage

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What does outrider mean in this context?

‘Jesus wept,’ he said, and slugged back half of his vodka-sans-tonic. It hardly burned at all . . . what burned was the evening’s first real hostility –the first outrider of that mute and inexplicable rage that had plagued him almost since the time he began drinking. ‘Freshen this up, would you?’
Source: The Tommyknockers by Stephen King

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    From the Word Reference dictionary on "outrider":
    a person who leads the way or is a member of a vanguard; forerunner.
    and "vanguard":
    the front part of an advancing army.
    There is an army of "mute and inexplicable rage." You have come across an outrider - a single "soldier" (an instance of hostility) from that army. You know the army is nearby and probably heading toward you (advancing).
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