The first time he mounted....was before he was one-inaczej?

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    Witam wszystkich serdecznie!

    Wiem, mam nadzieję słusznie, co oznacza to zdanie po polsku: The first time he 'mounted' a horse was before he was one year old. =? Po raz pierwszy 'dosiadł' konia zanim skończył rok.
    Czy nie można byłoby tego wyrazić inaczej, np. He 'mounted' a horse for the first time before he was one year old.

    Dziękuję. Źródło: Termin ten pochodzi Dwumiesięcznika English Matters "Time to go green! World Vegetarian Day.Na stronie 32, w pierwszej kolumnie, pierwszym akapicie, 3 zdaniu jest połowa zdania - tekst, o którym mowa:The first time he 'mounted' a horse was before he was one year old.
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    Hi Baltic Sea.

    Your understanding of the sentence is indeed correct and you are also correct in suggesting that it could have been expressed in a different way. However, I prefer the original. The difference is very subtle and has something to do with the syntax-- the arrangement of the words.

    To me, the intention of the original sentence is to highlight when the first time that action took place was -- amazingly, before he was one year old. It's difficult to pinpoint exactly why, but it seems that your proposal places more emphasis on the action (of mounting the horse) rather than the timing of when that first time took place. Thus what is ordinary (the action) overshadows what is extraordinary (the timing). I believe it is simply because by beginning the sentence with the action, it carries more weight and consequently, you've placed a bit more emphasis on it than the author intended.
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    Thank you, Radosna.

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