The first transplant was performed / conducted on December 3rd, 1967


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hello you guys! Could anyone please tell me which one is correct in this sentence and why?
"The first transplant was ___ on December 3rd, 1967 by Dr. Christian Barnard"

A. performed B.operated C.treated D.conducted

I choose D but I'm not sure if I am correct.
Thanks for your helps and have a nice day! ^^
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    Hi Bluee_bee,
    A: "performed" is the natural choice.
    D: "conducted" is acceptable but much less used in this colliocation. B and C are :cross:.
    Actually the most natural choice, to my ear, is probably "carried out", but that's not one of the options. :(


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    I mostly agree with Enquiring Minds. As I recall, Dr Barnard performed this amazing procedure in South Africa to an audience of millions, as the whole world watched, so I think "perform" is a pretty good choice in this case.