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Hi, guys.
I'm self-publishing a book series and it contains three book. I want to write something like this at the end of each book to promote other titles in the series. I wrote:
Do you know "Street Smart Kids" is a book series?
Check out the following titles in this series.

Shall I say" the following titles" or "the following books"?
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    "Titles" is fine and natural to use here. Something more idiomatic might be, "Check out these other titles in the series." I also think "Did..." instead of "Do..." is more natural in this context.


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    I agree that "other titles" would be better.

    "Check out the other titles in the series." And then you list the other books below that sentence. I read plenty of trilogies and series and this wording seems to be what most authors I read use.

    Edit: I hadn't noticed it was for children. I agree with Myridon that "books" is easier for children to understand.