the following verticals and applications:

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Hola de nuevo, sigo con textos promocionales de programas informáticos. Este término ya se discutió en otro hilo, pero las conclusiones quizá no fueron muy claras o aplicables aquí:
Muchas gracias otra vez por su ayuda,


is impacting every vertical.

Mi texto dice:
XXX can be used within the following verticals and applications:
Ad hoc print and mail consolidation
Desktop capture over the Internet for remote workers, centralized processing, printing and mail
Virtual stationery and mail consolidation
EDI onboarding and other e-transactions for outbound documents, such as invoices
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    Without more context, I don't know what "verticals" means here.
    What is XXX?
    "EDI" apparently means "Electronic Data Exchange".


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    Without any more context, it's impossible to determine what "verticals" means here. It's possibly a typing mistake; who knows?
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