the four Sundays before Christmas

Discussion in 'English Only' started by sindridah, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. sindridah Senior Member

    Hello world cititzens.

    I'm looking for the English word/name of the four last Sundays before christmas? I hope you know what word i'm looking for.

  2. bibliolept

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    I believe you are referring to Advent.
  3. sindridah Senior Member

    Exactly! But is it advent, Thats interesting, It's aðventa in my language and somehow i didn't expect to be that similar. But thanks alot!
  4. Miss Julie

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    And it carries a capital A (Advent).
  5. WyomingSue

    WyomingSue Senior Member

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    It comes from the Latin, "adventus" (arrival), so seeing as it's a church-related word it probably entered all the Western European languages from Latin.
  6. e2efour Senior Member

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    UK English
    In Sweden children get the idea (wrongly) that advent means to wait (which sounds similar in Swedish (att vänta) to advent). Advent comes from Latin, as pointed out above. I hadn't realised that it is used in other Scandinavian languages, especially Icelandic.
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  7. Parla Senior Member

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    Advent denotes not only the four Sundays immediately preceding Christmas but the entire pre-Christmas period beginning on the fourth Sunday before Christmas.
  8. Havfruen Senior Member

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    A Sunday in Advent is called Advent Sunday. More specifically, the first Sunday in Advent, the second Sunday in Advent, etc.

    And while the Latin word means "arrival" it is a time of "expectant waiting," according to Wikipedia.

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