the frayed mooring lines that held him

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Hi everyone!

Context: [Jack is at the funeral home where his dead girlfriend lies in state, when the undertaker shows up to order him to leave (Jack's a drug addict, hated by the girl's family, and is not allowed in there).]

Jack realized he was on the tilted edge of things, where the footing was bad and his grip tenuous at best. He felt the frayed mooring lines that held him part silently and tail away into the dark and he felt a sickening lurch in his very being.

I can't understand/picture what those "mooring lines" are...
  • chickenhelene

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    mooring lines are the ropes that hold a boat in place in the dock, so that they are frayed shows that whatever is keeping him there is weakening, and that they part silently shows that he is no longer 'moored' in that place. (in my opinion!)
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