the freedom to <bundle> home [football]


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I don't undestand what 'bundle' means if it is used in football (soccer) term. What does it mean?

GOAL! BARNSLEY 2-0 Everton
This is awful defending from
Everton! A cross towards the far post is headed back into the six-yard box and the only player who reacts is Marley Watkins, who can hardly believe his luck as he is given the freedom to bundle home. Big upset on the cards at Oakwell!
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    Thanks, Rover_KE. It's still unclear to me. Home = the goal. For example: to fire= to shoot with lots of power. Now if the "fire" is combined with 'home', it will be "to fire home" which means to score a goal with a hard shot.
    Then, what about "to bungle home"?
    To bungle home = to score with a ....cross or how?

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    I don't think the transcription is faulty: "bundle (the ball) home" makes sense to me and is quite a common expression in my experience - but I agree with your explanation of how the goal was scored, Rover.

    Here's a webpage that explains the meaning of "to bundle" in the football context.
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