the frequent changes in [societal boundaries]


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The quotation comes from 'The Vedic model of culture suggests that we belong to the whole' Dr Chetna Kang - 04/06/16, Thought for the Day - BBC Radio 4

Quotation: We often use the news to keep us up to date with the frequent changes in societal boundaries. Whether they're geographical, political or familial the trend has generally been that countries are getting smaller and families are becoming more nuclear. Often these changes are driven by a desire for a solution to our struggles with working together in a spirit of cooperation. What's prevalent in society often depends on the environment created by our culture.
Hi everyone! I'm puzzled with the bold part. Does it simply mean "..the frequent changes in society"?
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    Yes, I agree. That is all it means.

    The only meaning I get from his use of "boundaries" is the idea of splitting things into categories (in our minds). As society changes, we may change where we "draw the line" mentally between the categories that we have mentally split society into. That's pretty vague and meaningless, to me.
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