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I am sad to report that Copyright passed away in November of 2021. We were told by a forum member who was in contact with Copyright's wife. We have no further information.

Copyright was a member of our forum for 10 years and had over 68,000 posts when he left in 2018 to spend time on other interests.

Copyright contributed generously to the forum, both as a member and as an English Only moderator. In addition to his keen sense of language and the skills he had honed as a copywriter, we benefitted from his courtesy, patience, and his quiet sense of humor. Those of us who knew him miss him. However, we still have his posts. You can recognize them by the orange cat who was his avatar.

May he rest in peace.
We send belated condolences to his family.
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  • He was a lovely man, kind and helpful, with the abilty to produce comprehensive replies at super high speed - I suppose that was part of his copywriting skill.

    I've missed him ever since he left the forum. I'm sad to know I won't see him again.
    Copyright's departure is heartbreaking💔-- it's a personal loss for me. He had a heart of gold and always helped others selflessly. I'm personally indebted to him and will remain so forever.🙏

    He had an incredibly deep insight into the English language and his answers were/are enviably accurate and enlightening. Hats off to his genius! 👏👏👏

    He was a very good friend of mine -- we became friends soon after I joined WR. Once he even sent me books (print copies) edited by him as a surprise gift.❤😊🙏 They are holy editing manuals, which I hold dear to my heart. His invaluable legacy along with all his emails and replies.

    Copyright's legacy to the world will live on in the form of his insightful answers on the forum, which will keep helping many more generations of language learners across the globe.

    You will be sorely missed, Copyright.☹️
    Rest in peace!🙏
    This is very sad news. Working with Copyright was a pleasure, and I learned a lot from him, for which I'll always be very grateful. May he rest in peace.
    Well, I haven't been here for a while and I didn't know this until just now.

    It's so sad because Mr.Copy helped me a lot when he was in this forum. At that time he was in HK and I was in Shenzhen, we were going to meet each other in person for some perfect vegetarian food.

    I've been feeling so sad recently. Our former Premier passed away and Chandler Bing passed away.

    Rest in peace, Mr. Copy.
    I missed him when he chose to leave our community.
    I am very sad to hear this news.
    Copy was one of the greats in here, for sure. Quick, intelligent and reasonable in his moderator role.
    Reaching out a couple of months late... This is shocking and saddening, as is the loss of any other WR member. He excelled in every possible way, be it as a participant, be it as a moderator, and the only thing that kind of comforts me is the realization that he was much loved and will remain in the heart and memories of many of us in the WR community, luckily enough his posts will be there for the current and next WR generations to learn from and enjoy, I just hope that his family has managed to find some peace in these sad times. Take good care all of you.