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Still humming, Kate returned to the liquor cabinet on the pew and unscrewed and uncorked the various bottles, anointing the seats, row after row, trying to make the contents last. She saved Mother Alice’s whiskey for the wooden podium at the front. A Bible sat open on top, and in a moment of superstition, Kate spared the book, lobbing it out the open front door and onto the grass. When she stepped back inside, the damp, sweet smell of alcohol assaulted her senses.

This is from the novel This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab.

Can anyone tell me which door in a chapel is called front door, the one near the last row of the pew, or the one near the podium?
Why does it confuse me? According to the novel, Kate stole a key and let herself in the chapel from the door near the back pew. In the end, as you can see, she threw the Bible out "the open front door". There's no clue suggests that she has opened the door near the podium, isn't it?


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    A few paragraphs earlier it says that when she let herself into the chapel and set her bag down just inside the door, there were a dozen pews separating her from the altar.

    This implies that she came in the door at the west end of the chapel. This is the same door as the one she later tosses the Bible through. We know that because when she steps back inside we're told that a massive cucifix hung above the altar at the far end of the chapel.

    So, the 'front door' here appears to be what I believe is usually called the west door.

    Crossed with waltern, with whom I agree. The west door would be behind the pews.
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