the front line is the bottom line?


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When I started my working life at British Leyland’s Swindon body and assembly plant, I realized early on that the front line is the bottom line. What matters most is what the front line understands about the issues, the challenges, the need for flexibility, accuracy, efficiency and producing the goods you said you were going to produce. In my career and in working with companies, I’m always fascinated about whether we recognize that the front line is the bottom line.

does it mean that in a company the most common workers who are closest to customers and market are the most important factor in generating profit?

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    If you allow me to broaden your definition of the front line to include the workers actually involved in making the product - on the production line :) - then I would agree.

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    I'm pretty sure Karl Marx said something similar, albeit somewhat more elegantly. 'Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your, er, body and assembly plant'... !