The Fund had four calls.


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In the sentence "The Fund had four calls in November", does any colleague know the meaning of "calls" in this context?

Thanks in advance!
  • Joe Esquire

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    A couple of possibilities:
    A Private Equity Fund is generally entitled to demand capital commitments from subscribers, where a subscriber’s committed capital is called by the Fund, and must be paid over by the subscriber. (Desembolso del capital comprometido). The frequency varies, it may be several calls per year, or none, as these are multi-year investment offerings. Not likely 4 in a month.

    Alternatively, and more likely, the descriptor is of a Fixed Income (Bond) Fund, where the underlying bonds were called (retired) by the respective issuers. (Opción de rescate por el emisor). A more precise terminology should have been: ”The Fund had 4 of its securities/bonds called.”




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    Thank you so much for your great help, Joe!

    The second option seems quite likely, I guess in that case you might translate it into Spanish as "Cuatro valores del Fondo fueron rescatados por sus emisores"?