the garden party was taken to the next level


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Hi everybody,
could someone help me to translate this?
"The garden party was taken to the next level "
I've got some problem with "was taken" and with "next level": does "next level" mean "upper floor" or what else?
Thanks in advance
  • Tresley

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    Hello Chiarel,

    The first problem to overcome in this phrase is how to translate 'garden party' into French.

    'réception en plein air'
    'fête en plein air'
    or 'garden party'

    'To take something to the next level' means 'to make better', 'to improve'.

    So, how about:

    "Le 'garden party' était amélioré".

    Perhaps native French-speakers will know an idiomatic expression.


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    Thank you very much all you Wilda, Deddish and Tresley!
    I was very very far from the real meaning! It was above all a problem of comprehension. So, now I've got it!


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    Passer aux choses sérieuses comes to mind, but I can't make it fit in the current context. :eek:
    Passer au niveau supérieur, peut-être, tout simplement...
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