the glacier a mile below, rushed up at me spinning.

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This following passage is from Top Man by James Ullman. What does the underlined part mean? I wonder how the glacier a mile below rushed up at him. What or who spun? Did he spin? Did the glacier spin?

...had made it necessary for us to come out for a few yards on the exposed crest of the ridge. There were six of us in the party, roped together, with Nace leading, myself second, and four porters bringing up the rear...Suddenly the last porter slipped...the next porter was jerked off too...Then I heard Nace shout, "Jump!" As he said it, the rope went tight about my waist, and I went hurtling after him into space on the opposite side of the ridge. After me came the nearest porter...

What happened then must have happened in five yards and a fifth of a second. I heard myself cry out, and the glacier a mile below, rushed up at me spinning. Then both were blotted out in a violent spasm, as the roped jerked taut.
Thank you very much.
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