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Hi, everyone, I need your help with something. This question may seem a little silly, but I'm gonna ask anyway. Is it possible that someone by saying "The good stuff" means "Drugs" or "Money", or something like that. For example, in the next phrase taken from a song of the group Slikpnot:

"You got dick when they passed out the good stuff".

Does the singer mean here "Drugs", "Money", or something similar?
  • Fabulist

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    This sounds like a personal insult. "Dick" in this case is nothing. It looks to me like "the good stuff" is positive personal attributes like beauty/handsomeness, intelligence, athletic ability, musical and dancing talents, and other talents. "They" in this case is God or whoever you thinks does the creating.

    "When God created you, he gave you no talents or other positive characteristics. You're completely worthless."

    It's a pretty vicious insult, all things considered.:(

    In other contexts "the good stuff" might be money or drugs. In a movie, it could be sex scenes if that's what you're interested in, or action scenes like car chases and explosions; when watching a movie, you might ask, "When do we get to the good stuff?":)

    When I wrote the above, I didn't notice that this is from the "lyrics" to a "song." Song lyrics get dick when they pass out the good stuff. It could be entirely meaningless, and is certainly completely worthless. But "You got dick when they passed out the good stuff" would be a good retort when someone with a nasty mouth and turn of mind says you're useless.

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    No I don't believe it's an insult. It sounds more like the person being referred to in the song (I'm going to assume it's a woman) got penetrated, "got dick", when the good stuff (presumably drugs) was passed out. Of course, the context of the rest of the song will probably make it clear.


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    The Urban Dictionary has many pages of definitions for 'dick' but one of them (no. 17) is 'nothing':
    'In a movie, Richard Gere, playing a lawyer defending
    an controversial client, makes the statement:
    "We've been working on this case for 3 months,
    and we've got dick!"

    I don't think that sex is involved here, but the context could make it clearer.


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    It sure would be helpful if somebody could provide the title of the tune. I don't want to search for every song by
    Slipknot and scan each one until I find the line. Both interpretations sound possible to me. Context could probably resolve the debate. Does anybody know the title?


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    The song is called 'Spit it out', it's easy to find the lyrics though I'm afraid they don't help me much.


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    Thanks, Bevj. I found it too. You're right: they're pretty incoherent lyrics, but the rest of the song leads me to believe that Fabulist probably has the right idea. There's nothing here to make me think that this song is directed at a woman. It seems to be directed at some vague buffoon:

    The crew and all the fools and all the politics
    Get your lips ready, gonna make you gag gonna make you sick
    You got dick when they passed out the good stuff
    Are you sick of me? Good enough, had enough

    As they address this person as "brother" at one point in the song, they must be singing to/about a male.
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