the good work of the Salvation Army

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Today, June 3, is the 70th anniversary of that first Donut Day! And you can still get free doughnuts at locations worldwide on the first Friday in June. With each treat comes an opportunity to contribute to the good work of the salvation army.
... places ... the good act/action ...


Does the second of the above correctly understand the first in the above? Thanks.
  • JamesM

    Senior Member
    Yes, locations are places, but in this context they are probably locations of a particular chain of doughnut shops. I wouldn't expect them to be places like parks, schools, or public buildings, for example.

    Good work is an ongoing thing. "Good act" is a single action. "Good action" is an unusual combination of words that is speaking conceptually, at least to me, such as "What is the chief cause of good action in the world?" "Good actions" would be close to "good work", but good work implies an ongoing job of doing good rather than simply a series of actions.
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