The government said Thursday in a fresh boost

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    Hello everybody, here's the part I have difficulty with : "The government said in a fresh boost for the country's recovering economy"

    The context : Spain received a record 65 million visits from foreign tourists in 2014, nearly a quarter of them British, the government said in ...

    My try : L'Espagne a passé la barre des 65 millions de touristes étrangers en 2014, un quart d'entre eux britanniques, le governement a annoncé jeudi alors que le pay vit en nouvel élan grâce à une économie renaissante.

    In a fresh boost is really a problem, in particular because of its position in the sentence (next to the government said)
  2. misterk Moderator

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    I agree that this is ambiguous. It can mean either:
    1) The record number of visitors boosted the Spanish economy in 2014, according to the government. Or
    2) The government's announcement (of the record number of visitors) was a boost for the Spanish economy.

    The first meaning seems much more likely.
  3. Quaeitur

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    Could it be a typo for The government said it's a fresh boost ... ?
  4. LD83 Member

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    To me it isn't ambiguous, it says "in a fresh boost for the country's recovering economy" otherwise wouldn't it have said "the government said, in a fresh boost for them, ...."?

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