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I was just wondering what this pastor here means.
Normally pastor is a religious people in Protestant church. If it is catholic, then it is a priest.

Mr Reeves takes pride in Mississippi being one of ten states that still refuses to expand Medicaid, passing up $1bn a year in federal funds so as not to partake in Barack Obama’s signature project. But polling shows that 70% of Republicans in the state disagree with him on it. So does Cary Stockett, the governor’s pastor. “He and I don’t see eye-to-eye on that,” he says from his office overlooking the state capitol.
<Can a Presley win Mississippi?>

When I checked dictionary, pastor is
a person having spiritual care of a number of persons.
<pastor - Dictionary of English>
Does Cary Stockett gives some spiritual care for Mr Reeves??

In US, is everybody belonged to some designated pastor or priest?

Please help me how I should grasp this "pastor" meaning.

  • Galloway United Methodist, the downtown Jackson church where incumbent Republican Gov. Tate Reeves is a member, will host a series of lectures on how providing access to health care is a Christian value. (...) “Obviously, with a topic like ours, the issue of Medicaid expansion looms large,” Galloway Senior Pastor Cary Stockett said in an email to reporters announcing the lectures.“ (mississippitoday)
    Stockett is a pastor at the church that Reeves belongs to. So in terms of the semantics there's a kind of ellipsis: So does Cary Stockett, the governor’s [church's] pastor.
    On average, the United States is a more religious country than many other countries, and Mississippi Is one of the more religious states. Surveys show about half the people in that state attend church every week. So it would be very normal for the governor to continue attending the same church he attended before he was elected governor.