the great philosopher mystics


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Should "the great philosopher mystics" be "the great philosophical mystics"?

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It must also be conceded that Asia has always had its fair share of false prophets and charlatan saints, while the West has not been entirely bereft of wisdom. Nevertheless, when the great philosopher mystics of the East are weighed against the patriarchs of the Western philosophical and theological traditions, the difference is unmistakable: Buddha, Shankara, Padmasambhava, Nagarjuna, Longchenpa, and countless others down to the present have no equivalents in the West. In spiritual terms, we appear to have been standing on the shoulders of dwarfs. It is little wonder, therefore, that many Western scholars have found the view within rather unremarkable

-Sam Harris' The End of Faith
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    No, the term is used to mean they were both philosophers and mystics, rather than just mystics who speculated on the meaning of life (which is often how "philosophical" is used).
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