the great race of rabbits

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Sir, on behalf of the great race of rabbits, those humble strivers who like myself have never yet succeeded in solving an entire Times cross-word puzzle, I strongly resent these Austen Chamberlains and what not flaunting their skill in your columns. Rubbing salt in the wounds is what I call it. To a man who has been beating his head against the wall for twenty minutes over a single anagram it is g. and wormwood to read a statement like that one about the Provost of Eton and the eggs. In conclusion may I commend your public spirit in putting the good old emu back into circulation again as you did a few days ago?(A.N. Wilson After the Victorians
Q: Who are the great race of rabbits?
Thanks a lot.
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    He is talking about himself as a member of this 'race'. I therefore suspect he just means common, ordinary people (rabbits are very numerous).

    It may refer to a recent crossword clue, or it may refer to someone else calling people who aren't so good at crosswords 'rabbits'. It's hard to know.
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