The grotto is only reachable ... water



What is the right preposition for this sentence.
The grotto is only reachable ... water (from?)
or what is the right preposition for:
The grotto is only reachable ... water-way (on the??)

But I don't want to use sentences like:
-The only way to the grotto is by boat.
-The grotto is only accessible from the sea/by boat

- you could swim
- and it has nothing to do with sea (oceans), I think its a small river
I want a really general sentence.

Thanks in advance
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    Where is the grotto? Is it above the water level across an expanse of water or is it underneath the water?
    I can't think of any single preposition that would fill the gap in the first sentence and 'water-way' is not a term I'm familiar with.


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    For a formal piece I might write;
    "......... via the water."
    For an informal piece say like a travel brochure I would be tempted to write;
    " Be prepared to get wet if you want to visit the grotto."


    I'm writing a tutorial (help) for a computer (PC, PS3, XBOX) game. If you want to the grotto you have to swim in any case. If you use a boat instead of swimming you have to swim too because you get stuck with your boat shortly before you reach the end. I want to say: "You can not get there without getting wet."

    And i want to collect all these information in one sentence because i will print that sentence in a picture behind an arrow.
    So I will use: "reachable by water." -> is this ok? Do you all understand


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    I think "You cannot get there without getting wet" is the perfect way to say it. Is there a reason you want some other sentence?
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