The guru of gore

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Dear all
What's your interpretation for "The guru of gore" in the following passage in "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy:
Over the years, as the memory of Sophie Mol (the seeker of small wisdoms: Where do old birds go to die? Why don't dead ones fall like stones from the sky? The harbinger of harsh reality: You're both whole wogs and I'm a half one. The guru of gore: I've seen a man in an accident with his eyeball swinging on the end of a nerve, like a yo-yo) slowly faded, the loss of Sophie Mol grew robust and alive.
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    Sophie Mol is being typified by the author as the guru of gore: the expert when it comes to knowing about gory things -- and then she quotes one of the things Sophie has probably said to the twins to substantiate that title.
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