The hand of Maradona"

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    I have found this expression in a text that talks about the goal Maradona scored with his hand and the following day he said: "It was partly the hand of Maradona, and partly the hand of God".

    I don't understand why it is written hand OF Maradona and hand OF God instead of Maradona's hand and God's hand... :confused:

    Could anyone help, please?

    Thank you...
  2. Masood

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    Both would be valid. I think it is more a question of style of English.
    The 'hand of God' incident is well-remembered by those of us who follow football. His other goal in the same match was fantastic (and he only used his feet for that one).
  3. Julia76 Senior Member

    Hi Masood!
    Thanks a lot for your answer. Hope u r ok ;-)

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