the heels of his black shoes clipping against his buttocks


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Doc #3 screeched and leaped upward, fisted hands held at shoulder height, the heels of his black shoes clipping against his buttocks, as the first of these ‘bullets’ went under him. It struck the ground, rebounded like a flat stone skipped across the surface of a pond, and hit the Portosan marked WOMEN.
The second blue-gray pellet clipped the baldy’s left hip and ricocheted up into the sky. He screamed –a high, chattery sound that seemed to twist like a worm in the middle of Ralph’s head.
Source: Insomnia by Stephen King
Context: In this paranormal scene, two compact lozenge shapes flew from the end of Lois’ finger and streaked down the hill.

What does the verb clip mean in this passage? strike? How does this meaning of clip relate to the standard meaning (clip: cut short or trim as in clipping the hedge)?

Thank you.
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    It’s in our dictionary #3.
    It’s a very common meaning, especially with cars touching each other slightly in accidents.
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