the height of corporate fashion

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The following is from The Economist.

"In 1954 Peter Drucker came up with a theory of “management by objectives”. He proposed that bosses should set the company’s overall goals and then, in discussion with each worker, agree on a subset of goals to align what they were supposed to do with the goals of the firm. Drucker believed that these goals should be SMART (specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-sensitive). His idea was briefly the height of corporate fashion. Yet its results were often disappointing and even Drucker lost some of his enthusiasm for it."

Then, what does the sentence "
His idea was briefly the height of corporate fashion" really mean?

Is is it something like "the centre of attention"?

  • Wandering JJ

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    It means that all respectable companies adopted MBO in order to be seen using the most up-to-date management technique. Up-to-date/latest = fashionable.
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