The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien

Discussion in 'Celebrations' started by L'irlandais, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. L'irlandais

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    Friday, September 21, will be the 75th anniversary of Tolkien's "The Hobbit" book’s publication, which occurred on that same day back in 1937.
    Classic literature still worth celebrating, in my opinion. :)
  2. LilianaB Banned

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    Yes. Long live The Hobbit. (Gandalf, Bilbo and Smaug, as well) :eek: Why did they call it a children's book, though?
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  3. Hulalessar

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    Because the style in which it is written leaves no doubt that it is written for children.
  4. Halfdan Member

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    What an excellent novel. Happy 75th!
  5. Wordsmyth

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    I think it goes further than that, and I can fully understand why Liliana made that comment. Tolkien is one of those authors who can be read at different ages, to different effect. I first read The Hobbit when I was 12, and was captivated. Re-reading it at 17, I found depths I hadn't seen before. I read it again in my early 30s and related to it even more, based on my increased knowledge and experience of life.

    I don't think that can be said of many "children's books". I put it down to Tolkien's skill in writing in a style that works at different levels. The same could be said of Richard Adams, J M Barrie, and Lewis Carroll (each in his own way) — and even, though it might surprise some people, A A Milne.

    There's an interesting wikipedia article on The Hobbit, in which we see:
    - "Tolkien ... wrote it in a tone suited to addressing children although he said later that the book was not specifically written for children".
    - "C S Lewis compares the book to Alice in Wonderland in that both children and adults may find different things to enjoy in it".

    Whatever, here's one kid at heart who's not going to give up re-reading The Hobbit.

  6. Hulalessar

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    It is a pity that he did not adopt something approaching the same style when he wrote The Lord of the Rings.
  7. evoli New Member

    I've done reading the book and watching the film! Doesn't make any difference,I'm still in AWE every time I re-read or watch it again! LONG LIVE!!
  8. L'irlandais

    L'irlandais Senior Member

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    Ireland: English-speaking ♂
    Hi evoli,
    Welcome to the forums. :) I've read it in French and German now. Not watched the film as yet, since I don't want peter Jackson's orcs invading the "secret garden" of my imagination. ;)

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