the horn in the car


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Is it correct to say the below in English ?

The horn in my car does not work.
The horning in my car does not work.

Many thanks
  • Moogle

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    "The horn in my car does not work" is correct.

    I am not sure if "horning" is a word at all, and if it is; it's not being used properly. Horning, does have meaning though. It is a place in the world where they have discovered many new things for archeology. So, that would make it a name, which would require a capital. We all know that you aren't meaning that place, so "horn" would be more proper.

    Think of it this way:

    You wouldn't say: The appling on my counter is green. :)

    You'd say: The apple on my counter is green :D Good luck.
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