The idea being that men are under siege

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Source: Trump Continues To Express Concern For Men Amid Kavanaugh Confirmation Battle

<background: In the wake of sexual assault allegations against his Supreme Court nominee, President Trump has been talking about how men feel in such situations. Could that help his party in the 2018 elections?>

KEITH: The idea being that men are under siege - as women have taken more prominent roles in the workplace, as demographic and cultural shifts have changed the rules. Whit Ayres is a Republican pollster who has argued, unsuccessfully in the age of Trump, that his party needs to adapt to those changes.

WHIT AYRES: In areas of the country that are struggling economically, especially small towns and rural areas, those changes are really disquieting. And now the culture that's been so comforting and comfortable is changing as well. So it's no surprise that a lot of white men are upset and fearful.
Hi everytone! How should I understand the bold part? Thanks in advance.
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    To put it simply, read "siege" as "attack."

    To be more nuanced, to be under siege is to be under serious attack, by a besieging force, meaning that the target is pressured, on the defensive, possibly without a way out and with limited options.
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